Beta Presentation-revised

My DA is going to address the future cultures challenge with regard to the future of interpreting. With the development of technology, more and more people believe that we don’t need any human interpreters in the future. So my responsibility is to do some research and draw an objective conclusion. The feedback I’ve received from previous have been taken into consideration which made me focus on specific aspects of the impact of AI on interpreting.

The method I’m going to take is creating a website on the topic of the future of interpreting. The social utility of this topic is to arouse people’s awareness on the important role interpreters play in the international arena and make them ponder about prospects of language barriers.

Then the researches I’ve done in this area are including two parts: First, from the perspective of some official organizations such as the United Nations, how do they feel about the future of interpreting. Second, from the perspective of some private owned translation companies including google translate, what are their contributions on assisting human interpreters by providing emerging technologies?


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