My Live Tweeting Experience in #BCM325 Future Cultures part two

From week 8 to 12, I was more used to live tweeting the film each week, and it is indeed a great example of presentational media. All in all, I harvested a lot from this experience, but there are still things I need improving. The following parts can best express my advantages and disadvantages during the whole process.

First of all, the preparation work I did proved to be very helpful. Different from the first six weeks focusing too much on the plot of each film, this time I spent time doing some work beforehand including background information searching, tweets prewriting, weekly lectures watching etc. The seemingly unconspicuous work let me have more time to interact with my fellow students in tweeting, consider some in-depth questions, and absorb knowledge in a broader scale. Furthermore, by trying to jump out, I found it interesting to sum up the whole process of a live tweeting class. In the beginning of a film, you always see things such as a brief introduction about the film and its director(Blade Runner 2049-Allanah), a short film review(Blade Runner 2049-Allanah), the awards it won(Blade Runner 2049-Lachy), the budget and box office(Blade Runner 2049-Callum). The sources are various: wikipedia (Isaac Asimov’s law of robots-Callum), IMDb (Robert and Frank-Josh ; Marjorie Prime-Vilde), rotten tomatoes(Blade Runner 2019-Jiafeng), the guardian review(Marjorie Prime-Trang ; Blade Runner 2040-Nadia), vanity fair review(Marjorie Prime-Jiafeng), psychology today(neuroscience of calling old memories-Jessica), reddit(Blade Runner 2040-Chris), the verge(Blade Runner 2049-Emily), the conversation(Blade Runner 2019-Travis), pop culture review(Blade Runner 2049-Amanda) etc. In the middle, you can see interactions on a certain plot(the Matrix-Liam), polls to show attitudes(Who want a hologram spouse-Amanda ; red pill or blue pill-Amanda), the warm-hearted explaining plot to those who lost(Why snow on the beach-Travis), the funny gifs about the protagnist (I,robot-Nics), more in-depth discussions with the development of the plot(Can a relationship with a hologram be meaningful-Emily ; the ‘real’ vs ‘virtual’ life in the Matrix-Alex and Chris ; blue pill or red pill-Josh), some academic texts on the relevant topic(Japan’s long-term care for those with dementia-Chris). In the end, some discussions are keeping going(the Matrix-Erin), some feelings about the film are mentioned(the Matrix-Tiana), some comparison with the previous films can be found(Blade Runner 2019-Amanda), some links with a great generalization are retweeted(the Matrix-Rachel), some short but powerful quotes from the film or film review are listed(Robert and Frank-Chris ; Blade Runner 2019-Jiafeng)… The things we did together are intercommunication through the medium, twitter. ‘Persona, the public masks the individuals use to project themselves in ways that draw on networks of people all doing the same and digital objects which are not necessarily owned.’ Everyone of us is acting well by using his or her persona to produce individual capacity. I actually obtained a lot through the whole process: from the knowledge I learned including terms like presentational media paradigm, cuberpunks, memex, from different ways of considering the future in a short, medium and long term, and from the fantastic ideas collisions with my fellow students.

The following link is the tweet I liked best. It’s a sentence I quote from the film review of ‘Blade Runner 2049’. I got six likes and one retweet. It proves that I gained some resonance from my fellow students about deeper issues like gender equality.

Then, there are also some disadvantages. As far as I am concerned, there are two main reasons. From the object perspective, it was my first time using twitter. So far, I have followed 152 accounts with only 30 followers. The number of tweets I sent is 273, the likes is 804. After I checked the tweets from some of my classmates, I found these numbers matter. Because the voices I spoke have very limited influence and because English is not my mother tongue, the ideas I expressed can be shallow, the words I used are very easy. As a result, my experience of live tweeting were definitely not the same as my classmates. Even though I found live tweeting very intriguing, I bet my classmates were more enjoyable than I was. I was a little jealous to be honest for they can talk about issues critically and deeply. From the subjective perspective, I found it difficult to connect ideas and concepts of weekly lectures to the live tweeting experience. For instance, week 10’s lecture is about drone stories while the film is Majorie Prime. It seems the two things are not so relevant. And also, because those ideas are new to me, what I did is to look up both Chinese and English meanings in the website. For instance, what is digital artefact? When I typed it in Baidu, the biggest search engine in China, I couldn’t find any useful information but a poor literal translation. Then I checked Google, I got the definition but still felt I cannot understand it 100%. As a result, I only made it once in my live tweeting to combine lecture ideas and the film together. That’s ‘the Matrix’. The methods I can take to address this problem are repetition and brainstorming. By repetition, when I don’t understand a specific term, I try to find its usages in different contexts and consolidate them with reading important passages on it repeatedly. Normally, after I read a passage three to four times, I have the idea of what’s going on. By brainstorming, I think of some important points first and then list them all on a piece of paper. After I wrote things down, some unclear parts are obvious and the connections can be found more easily.

In conclusion, the five weeks’ live tweeting make me more clear about the things I’m doing. And I was also very gratitude for the trials I did on the first six weeks. They were not so perfect with childish viewpoints and stupid questions. But I cherish them as they are all precious fundamental bricks to build a solid house in the future.

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