AI and Interpreting-A DA and Contextual Essay

Please find my DA here.

Project’s concept: My DA focused on the the relationship between AI and human interpreters. With the rise of machines, can human still make a living? When it comes to the occupations like translator and interpreter, what are the advances AI have made and what are the challenges with the fact that there are subtle differences among different languages. In the short, medium and long term, what kind of role machine will play in this relationship?

Iteration: At first, I didn’t figure out what DA I really want to demonstrate in my first video pitch until I got the feedback from Callum Harvey and Alexander Mastronardi. Callum suggested me to do some research on ‘whether AI would replace human interpreters ‘ while Alexander gave me a clue that I can focus on ‘how current interpreters are already using emerging technology’. So I did some research as they suggested and found more interesting ideas beyond them. At last, I chose to clarify my viewpoint on the aspects of technology and language.

Methodology: I was going to create a website on the topic of the future of interpreting as I said in my beta presentation. However, it is a pity that I didn’t make it. I’ve purchased a domain but didn’t figure out how it can be connected to my wordpress. So based on the fast, inexpensive, simple and tiny (FIST) design principles, I wrote a blog post with all the research I’ve done and the relevant videos in the hope of demonstrating ideas clearly. Then I sent it to my Twitter and Facebook account as well as my Wechat moments in order to hear some different opinions about this topic.

Background research: The background researches I’ve done are mainly focusing on different viewpoints of the impact of AI on interpreting. Both optimistic ideas believing that AI won’t replace human interpreters and pessimistic ideas on humans will become weak and voiceless with the rise of machine are included. Furthermore, there are other relevant information including the standards of recruiting interpreters in the UN, the unique challenges to translate Southeast Asian languages, an interesting debate between an experienced interpreter and a CEO of an AI company on the threatening of AI.

Utility: The aim of my DA is to give others a relatively objective idea about the relationship between AI and human interpreter. One should take a comprehensive attitude when facing the rise of machine. It is unreasonable to have extreme ideas like AI would fully replace most of the jobs and more people will be unemployed in the future after you explore and investigate the whole situation. Some repetitive jobs can easily be replaced but when it comes to sophisticated job like simultaneous interpreter, there is still a long way to go for the AI.

Overall trajectory: At first, I only have a thorough idea about what I’m about to express. Because my major is English Interpreting, it is a great concern of me to predict the future of interpreting if I want to devote myself in this career. After doing research on some specific points, I found out it is of great significance to have a proper attitudes towards the rise of machine. So I narrowed my research to the relationship between AI and human interpreters and investigated the language and culture barriers on the process.

Project’s success and limitations: The biggest success of this project is I have a clearer idea about the future trend of interpreting as well as a profound perspective on investigating things. However, the biggest limitation of my DA is I haven’t got enough feedback from the social media to have further discussion about this interesting topic. I reflected the reason why is that I only have a small number of followers on Twitter and Facebook which can limit the spread of my ideas. Another reason is I released pretty late so that I cannot be able to receive some feedback before I finish this essay. However, the subject finished, but I’ll continue to refresh my ideas on wordpress and share with people who are interested.

How you approached the future cultures DA challenges: There are always some myths about the machine will take over human in the future. Such imaginations can also be seen in some futuristic movies. Keeping a close eye on the trend of AI and at the same time, learn as much knowledge as you can by using our brain are the smartest choice in my opinion. Be irreplaceable and always have a core competitiveness can make us address future challenges a lot.



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