Critical self-review of Beta presentation commenting.

Beta presentation 1

is from Emily Koletti. It is about the evidence of ‘black mirror’ theories predict things precisely. Emily did a great job on explaining what #BCM325 is about, what is DA, what is Black Mirror, how she make progress after receiving feedback from her peers, which are really helpful for someone unfamiliar with black mirror like me. I found the structure of her presentation very clear and realized I can learn from her. And I’m also impressed that Emily joined a Black Mirror Community to gain deeper and further understanding of theories so that she can input others opinions and output her own ideas in a better way.

As for the suggestions, since black mirror talks about the unanticipated consequences of technology to humanity, I found it interesting that there are some different voices against the idea of black mirror, believing it emphasized too much on dark side of humanity and the bad influence of technology. So I suggested that different ideas should be welcomed in case of focusing too much on the disadvantages of technology. Charlie Brooker has a famous comment on Black Mirror:‘It’s not a technological problem we have, it’s a human one’. And there are some negative comments after Netflix purchased the programme in September 2015. Someone think the plot is too much like Hollywood and scenes including sex, violence have becoming denser, making it’s less deep than the previous series. Will these elements influence the next episode of ‘Black Mirror’?

Furthermore, there is another interesting reflective journal about entertaining reflections of digital technology’s darker effect. And I also put forward the questions of how we should do after we realized the potential threat technology has posed and will pose in the future. It’s a question everyone of us need to consider carefully.

Beta presentation 2

is from Lachlan Smith. It is about the future of AI in fashion industry. On his presentation, the thing I learned is he used his personal instagram to have interactions with his audiences and also did research and put polls on his account. The feedback he got let him narrowed down to technological and environmental factors of AI in fashion industry. I’ve also noticed that the first reference of ‘Challenges and Opportunities of Artificial Intelligence in the Fashion World‘ is Alibaba official web page. So I did some further research and give feedback to him.

As for suggestions, I focused on two main points: one is environmental factor, the other is the actualization of AI concept into fashion industry.

First, Fast fashion can bring pollution and maltreatment of animals. Nowadays, companies like Zara and H&M have already made changes to make the industry greener and more environmentally friendly.

Second, the AI concept store of Alibaba is a useful example. Because Alibaba is a Chinese company and the population in China is large enough to support some ideas like online retailing, Alipay and AI concept stores

Beta presentation 3

is from Susan Alderman. It is about the sustainability of fashion industry. Quite similar to Lachlan’s, but some points are different. She focused on elements like circular industry, young people and UN SDGs. I feel her presentation ambitious enough to link those big elements together. And the workshop she owned is very interesting and impressive.

As for suggestions, I found the idea of ‘circular fashion’ interesting and might replace the fast fashion in the future. There are even Australian Circular Fashion Conference held in Melbourne in March, 2019. Furthermore, I also found the status quo of terrible environmental impact some fashion brands like Burberry made and at the same time, their reflections on the changing of fast fashion.

Last but not least, ‘renting clothes could be the future of fashion’ which I found an environmentally friendly and also sustainable way to fashion industry.

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