My Live Tweeting Experience in #BCM325 Future Cultures part one

For this live tweeting experience, I’d like to share three points, my ponder about this way of teaching, my problems, and my reflections.

This tweet was almost the first tweet I sent on the first class. It’s very kind of Brooke to answer my stupid questions patiently. Actually when I looked through my 6 weeks tweets, there are lots of stupid questions like that, but what surprised me is the lecturer and my fellow students didn’t laugh at me. I felt gratitude for the peer assistance appeared in the live tweeting. Everyone is busy watching, tweeting, researching, but some of them are willing to help others understand the plot and answer some questions. I can recall in ‘A Space Odyssey’, the Blue Danute was played many times. I felt familiar about the tune but cannot remember the name. then I saw someone’s tweets with the name of this tune. I was very glad and even shocked because this way of teaching and communicating is totally new for me. Twitter provides a platform for the #BCM325 to discuss the film and other related topics. There was even an stranger curious about our course and asked me what is #BCM325? And I am very proud to told him it’s the name of our course! Even though I have no intention of teaching in the future, this way of giving lessons and interactions make me ponder a lot. When students are getting older, they seems to be more silent and do not want to have interactions with teachers and fellow students in class. Live tweeting is good way to activate them and share some brilliant thoughts with each other. This makes learning things more interesting and not isolated. That’s why I like this course most among all my courses.

This tweet mainly shows my biggest problem on live tweeting. This didn’t happen in the first class because ‘Metropolis’ is a silent film. I could have time to look up some background knowledge when watching the film. But in ‘A Space Odyssey’, there was no subtitles, if I checked something online, my listening would be influenced. This happened the same while live tweeting ‘Ghost in the Shell’. I felt fair this time because my fellow students cannot understand Japanese either! Haha!

Except for listening problems, I find it difficult to understand some tweets from my fellow students. Josh left me a great impression. I guess he is very good at tweeting because he can send deep thoughts(which I don’t understand) with many words(which is difficult and unfamiliar to me) in a short period of time! Every time I look his tweet, I just press ‘like’ and dare not to say anything. This can be called a barrier I guess. Even though I am a postgraduate in China, majoring in English. I’ve been studying English for many years. I still have too many problems on understanding local people’s ideas. I grew up in a different background and social system with them. But these are not causes to have such a poor comprehension! I reflected a lot about myself.

This tweet is actually my favorite one. I got 4 likes and 1 repost. I feel I can enjoy the film watching and live tweeting and make some contributions to others’ understanding about the film. It felt really good! I’ve also appreciated for some good links about the film shared by my fellow students. Through reflection, I think my tweets are too skindeep compared with my peers. I only talked about my feelings and some insights in a quite shallow height. I made up my mind to do some research work before watching the film so that I can catch up others’ tweets hopefully and make some contributions too!

To conclude, I’d like to extent my heartfelt gratitutes to Chris for his guiding and accompanying role in this course. I’d also like to thank my fellow students for their kind help, deep thoughts and useful links. I’ve never had access to courses with media and communication major before, this course really broads my horizon and give me a different perspective of observing the world and the future!

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