Critical self-review of pitch commenting.

Pitch 1

is from Mary-Lou, it is about parents being able to choose the gender of their child, and I suggested her to watch a recent news about information leak in China.

‘In China, there is a shortage of women, so an organization started to build a database to start registering over 1.8 million women with all kinds of details like phone numbers, addresses, education, location, ID number, marital status, and a ‘BreedReady’ status. ‘

I shared with her my feelings after seeing this news as a Chinese because Mary mentioned about the gender preference in China. I thought this news can make her and myself ponder this issue a lot. The past has been impacting now, and what should we do to influence our future on this area?

Furthermore, Mary also talked about the positive and negative impacts on this topic. So I suggested her to watch the novel of  ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ , which is totally a negative perspective on it.

Pitch 2

is from Brooke Eager, it is about the virtual reality art gallery. Unfortunately, my knowledge on this area is quite limited, so I only put a related link for her to do some further research.

What strikes me most in her video pitch is she’d like to challenge herself by learning VR application from scratch. We can always be afraid to learn new things and drag ourselves from the comfort zone. I admire the braveness of Brooke very much.

Pitch 3

is from Madeleine baker, it is about using emerging technologies to promote and innovate our agriculture and horticulture as climate change is a great challenge for all human beings. I suggested her to watch a series of videos from future home, which is about exploring new types of lifestyle for our future. There are many possibilities for both indoor and outdoor plants grow and the answers can be vary.

Besides, I’ve also put up some questions on her video pitch. ” Is it practical to realize it? Have you taken the cost into consideration? Is it possible for middle and low income family to afford it? “

As far as I am concerned, the application of a new technology is not an easy thing. Many elements should be considered. So I really hope my thoughts can help her to think about it from a different, broader and practical view.


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